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Design Your Own License Plate Frame

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You can add an image to both the left and right sides of your design. You can upload your own image or select an image from our gallery.

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Design Your Own

Price 8.99
Design Your Own I need a Top Mounted Frame 

In order to mount your EYTTM License Plate Frame(s), you will need to purchase the EYTTM License Plate Holder at $15.99

Upon completion of your Custom Frame Design cal 800-253-2041 to arrange for payment.

No funds are collected by this site.

Following are the Express Yourself Tagholder (EYTTMDesign Your Own License Plate Frame instructions

For assistance email or call (800) 253-2041

Design Your Own License Plate Frames are Non-Returnable

There are 4 buttons above;

  1. Background
  2. Artwork
  3. Tt (Text)
  4. Add to Cart

Step 1 -  Select a Background

For a custom, solid, background color. Select the ‘Choose a Background Color’

  • Click on the circle next to the Solid color
  • Click on the multi-colored square. A color palette will display
  • Select from one of 63 different colors.

For a Stock Background Pattern.

  • Click on a button in front of one of the 36 Background Patterns. The background pattern will display in the 'your text here' box.
  • To change background patterns, select another Solid Background pattern.

Step 2 -  Click on 'Artwork Button' - This screen allows the placement of either 'left 'or 'right' side images from the ‘Clip Art’ selection or the artwork /pictures you upload (in jpg, gif, or .PNG format).

If you use the images in ‘Clip Art’, click on the image you want, and it will appear on the 'your text here' box. If you want a different image, just click on it.

  If you choose to use your Art, just click on ‘Browse’ button to open the image you need.

NOTE: We suggest resizing your images to 400 pixels by 400 pixels (Microsoft Paint, freeware i.e., GIMP ( or similar software allows for resizing and clipping the image).

Step 3 -  Click on 'Tt' (Text) Button - (TIP - For short words or phrases use CAPITAL LETTERS for better message visibility).

Type your text into the 'your text here' box for a single line of text and click on the image. The text will automatically size and center on the 'your text here' box. For the second line of text. Enter the text in the second (bottom) box.

To select a font, click on the 'Font Type' pull-down menu and choose your font. The font on the Frame image will change automatically.

Click on Line Weight - Line Weight sets the size of the two lines of text. Each fraction represents the relative line weight of the top text line to the second text line.

Choose the Font Color from the Font color palette.

Click on the 'Buy Now' button to enter the Frame quantity and to reserve your Custom License Plate Frame

4) Click on the 'Add to Cart' button and proceed to ‘Checkout’. Be sure to add the License Plate Holder 

On the 'Shopping Cart' page, you can click on the Frame image to view a screen 'Proof' prior to 'Checkout'.

Here you have the option to select a Top Mount Frame (A Bottom Mount Frame is supplied unless the 'I need a Top Mounted Frame' box is checked).

At the end of the Checkout process please call 800-253-2041 with order payment information. Thank you.

The EYTTM License Plate Frame (Stock or Design Your Own) and License Plate Holder Set is only $24.98 (+$8.47 S&H).

For assistance email or call (800) 253-2041

Note to Volvo owners

Your mounting system is unique however we have the solution. A 6 MM Mounting Screw Kit lets you easily attach the Plate Holder to your Volvo license plate bracket. Reserve a Kit here 

Design Your Own License Plate Frames and License Plate Holders

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