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U.S. Marine Corps License Plate Frame and License Plate Holder Set

U.S. Marine Corps License Plate Frame and License Plate Holder Set provide complete license state visibility. Are legal in all 50 states. And are Made in the USA by MW Solutions LLC

Whether you are an Active Duty Marine, a Marine Corps retiree, a proud Leatherneck Spouse, a Proud Marine Parent or a Proud Marine Grandparent. The Express Yourself Tagholder (EYTTMUS Marine Corps License Plate Frame and Plate Holder is the perfect way to display your Marine Corps pride with a Stock Marine Corps License Plate Frame. Or, Design Your Own Marine Corps License Plate Frame here

Discover more about the EYTTM License Plate Holder and License Plate Frame system here

Click on any image below to view additional information for a specific U.S. Marine Corps License Plate Frame

To reserve your Stock US Marine Corps License Plate Frame and License Plate Holder Set;

Frames are available as either Top Mount or Bottom Mount

  1. Select your Frame.
  2. Click on the 'Buy now from now ' button.

If you prefer to Design Your Own Marine Corps License Plate Frame, please be sure to

  • Check the 'I need a Top Mounted Frame' box if you prefer a Top Mount Frame.
  • Enter a Plate Holder quantity. First-time customers need a Plate Holder to mount the Frame. The Plate Holder accommodates either a Top Mount or Bottom Mount Frame.

Upon completing your Frame design;

  • Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Your Frame and Plate Holder are then added to the ‘Shopping Cart’ where you can view your Frame design and change the Frame and Plate Holder quantity.
  • Click the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  • Call 800-253-2041 to arrange payment.

Pricing / Packaging:

A US Marine Corps License Plate Frame (Stock or Design Your Own) and License Plate Holder set is just $24.98 (+$8.47 S&H).

Package includes Imaged Frame (either Top or Bottom Mount), License Plate HolderMounting Screws, and Mounting Instruction.

Individual Marine Corps License Plate Frames either 'Stock' or 'Design Your Own' are just $8.99 (+$5.50 S&H).

Package includes Imaged Marine Corps License Plate Frame and Mounting Instructions.

Arrives ready to mount to the front or rear of your vehicle.


  • Stock EYTTM Frames typically ship within 1-2 days.
  • Please allow 1-3 weeks for a Design Your Own Frame.

Easy 2-Step License Plate Holder / Frame installation;

  1. Remove the existing license plate frame and state license plate
  2. Attach the EYTTM License Plate Holder with the mounted Frame and state license plate to the vehicle (front or rear).

The state license plate is totally visible to comply with your states motor vehicle laws.

Discover how easy it is to mount the EYT 2-Piece License Plate Holder and License Plate Frame and how simple it is to change the License Plate Frame here

Note to Volvo owners

Your mounting system is unique however we have the solution. A 6 MM Mounting Screw Kit lets you easily attach the Plate Holder to your Volvo license plate bracket. You can reserve a Kit here 

We would be pleased to help you create a Custom Leatherneck License Plate Frame just send an email to

US Marine Corps License Plate Frames and License Plate Holders

Made in the USA since 2012

US Marine Corps License Plate Frames by MW Solutions

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