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License Plate Holder and License Plate Frame Mounting Instructions

Express Yourself Tagholder (EYTTM) License Plate Holder and License Plate Frame Mounting Instructions

For the 2-Piece; 1) License Plate Holder and 2) License Plate Frame

(Either Front or Rear Mount)

The EYTTM License Plate Holder has four (4) state license plate mounting holes (A), and five (5) License Plate Frame mounting holes(C)

Express Yourself Tagholder License Plate Holder

Located on the rear of the License Plate Frame is a T-Lock Fitting (C) and four (4) Alignment Posts (D)

Express Yourself Tagholder License Plate Frame



To accommodate a Top Mount Frame the License Plate Holder is rotated 360 degrees so that the mounting holes are located at the Top of the License Plate Holder                                                                                                                                                                                 

Arsenal Gunners License Plate Frame

Arsenal Gunners License Plate Frame
Bottom Mounted Frame Top Mounted Frame
The state (vanity) license plate is clearly visible to law enforcement. Frames attach securely to the License Plate Holder and are easily changed.

To Mount the EYTTM License Plate Holder to your vehicle.

1. Remove the existing license plate and/or license plate frame.

(Volvo Owners - Remove the four (4) Cap Nuts and then install the four (4)T-Nuts from the Volvo Mounting Kit a few turns on the Volvo's threaded studs and then proceed to Step 2.).

2. Align the four (4) EYTTM License Plate Holder mounting holes to the existing vehicle license plate mounting holes.

3. Position the five (5) License Plate Frame mounting holes at the bottom for Bottom Mount Frames or the (5) Frame mounting holes at the top for Top Mount Frames.

4. Secure the state license plate and the EYTLicense Plate Holder to the vehicle with mounting screws.

To Mount the EYTTM License Plate Frame

1. Remove the EYT™ License Plate Frame from the packaging.

2. Align the T-Lock with the License Plate Holder center hole.

3. Press the Frame center into the Plate Holder until the T-Lock engages.

4. Press the four (4) Alignment Post’s into the License Plate Holder until the Frame is snug to the License Plate Holder.

The EYTTM License Plate Frame is securely affixed to the EYTTM License Plate Holder.

Frame Removal process:

1. Gently pry the Frame 'ends' from the License Plate Holder. 

2. 'Pinch' the T-Lock fitting to release the License Plate Frame from the License Plate Holder.

(To install a different Frame, follow steps 2-4 above).

Note - Due to variation in license plate mounting hardware, the License Plate Frame and License Plate Holder set may not include your exact mounting hardware. Prior to installing your  License Plate Holder, we suggest you remove one license plate mounting screw and purchase replacement mounting screws from a local hardware retailer. The replacement screws should be three-quarters (¾) of an inch longer than your current license plate mounting screws.

Volvo owners 

Your mounting system is unique however we have a solution. A 6 MM Mounting Screw Kit allows you to easily attach your License Plate Holder to your Volvo license plate bracket. Reserve your Kit here

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