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License Plate Frame and Plate Holder Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Express Yourself Tagholder (EYT™)

EYT™ is the new name in the Legal License Plate Frame and License Plate Holder business.

What’s new about it?

EYTTM is a 2-piece design; 1) License Plate Holder and 2) License Plate Frame. The Frame is easily Interchangeable which allows for simple Frame changeover in under a minute using no tools.

In addition, the EYTLicense Plate Holder provides an unobstructed view of the State License Plate and Registration decals.   

The EYT License Plate Holder mounts to the front or rear of most Passenger Vehicles, RV's, SUV's, and Trucks using the same mounting holes as the state license plate.

EYT License Plate Holder and Frame installation is as simple as 1-2-3;

  1. Remove the State License Plate.
  2. Snap the EYTLicence Plate Frame onto the Plate Holder
  3. Mount the EYT Plate Holder, Frame, and the state license plate to the vehicle using the mounting screws provided.

The License Plate Frame mounts effortlessly and securely by means of a ‘T-Lock’ connection feature assuring a secure attachment to the EYT License Plate Holder.

To change a mounted EYTTM Frame;

Gently pry the left and right side of the Frame from the Plate Holder (about a quarter of an inch)

Reach behind the Plate Holder and pinch the T-Lock fitting in the middle of the Frame

To replace the Frame simply align the Frame to the five (5) mounting holes and then gently push the Frame into the mounting holes until the Frame is flush with the Plate Holder.  View an image of the Plate Holder less the Frame here

The EYT Frame;

  • Utilizes state-of-the-art, direct-to-substrate, digital imaging
  • Easily changed to display different personal messages
  • Injection molded using automotive grade resin
  • Printed with weatherproof UV inks
  • Produced in the USA

I want one. What do I do?

To reserve your Stock EYTTM License Plate Frame and License Plate Holder Set;

  • Select your Frame from one of the 16 Categories
  • Click on the 'Buy now from now ' button. You can then view the Frame and Plate Holder set and reserve your Stock Frame and Plate Holder through the secure Amazon site.

Frames are available as Top or Bottom Mount

Or, Design Your Own License Plate Frame here

If you prefer to Design Your Own Frame please be sure to

  • Check the 'I need a Top Mounted Frame' box if you prefer a Top Mount Frame.
  • Enter a Plate Holder quantity. First-time customers need a Plate Holder to mount the Frame. The Plate Holder accommodates either a Top Mount or Bottom Mount Frame.

Upon completing your Frame design;

  • Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Your Frame and Plate Holder are then added to the ‘Shopping Cart’ where you can view your Frame design and change the Frame and Plate Holder quantity.
  • Click the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  • Call 800-253-2041 to arrange payment.

What is the price for the EYT License Plate Frame and License Plate Holder set?

The EYT License Plate Frame and License Plate Holder set (either Stock or Design Your Own Frame is competitively priced at just $24.98 (+$8.47 S&H). The set includes; Imaged License Plate Frame, License Plate Holder, (4) #12 – 1-1/2” mounting screws, and Mounting Instructions.

Individual EYT License Plate Frames, either Stock or Design Your Own, are just $8.99 each (+$5.50 S&H)

How soon can I get an EYT Frame and Plate Holder set?

A Stock EYTTM License Plate Frame and License Plate Holder Set typically ships within 1-2 Days

Please allow 2-3 weeks for a Design Your Own Frame and License Plate Holder Set. Orders are shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS).

Will the EYT Plate Holder fit my vehicle?

The EYT License Plate Holder and License Plate Frame will fit many vehicles types (either front or rear mount).

One exception is the Volvo automobile (ALL models) due to the use of the Volvo threaded stud and cap nuts used to secure the license plate. We now offer a 6 MM Mounting Screw Kit to easily mount the License Plate Holder to the Volvo license plate brackets.

How do I know if the EYT License Plate Holder will fit on my vehicle?

We estimate the EYTLicense Plate Holder will fit 90% of all vehicles, both foreign and domestic. And will fit 80% of all rear mounts of the same vehicles. The rear mount depends on the space between the bottom of the tailgate and top of the license plate. If sufficient space exists, a special Top Mount License Plate Frame is available at the same price.

Are the EYTLicense Plate Frame and License Plate Holder weather resistant?

We use the ‘direct-to-substrate' print process to apply colorful graphics to each Frame. These digital images are applied directly to the Frame using UV cured, weather resistant, inks. These are the same type of inks used on outdoor advertising media and are weatherproof and car wash safe.

Located in New Hampshire, MW Solutions LLC is keenly aware of extreme weather conditions so our goal in developing the EYTLicense Plate Holder and Frame was to make it durable in all types of weather settings. 

Due to its durable polymer construction, the EYT License Plate Frame and the License Plate Holder are rust and corrosion proof.

Are EYT License Plate Frames and License Plate Holders produced in the USA?

Both the License Plate Frame and License Plate Holder are produced and imaged in the USA.

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