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Design Your Own Fundraising License Plate Frame Example
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Design Your Own Fundraising License Plate Frame Example

Easily design a Fundraising License Plate Frame with our user-friendly  Express Yourself Tagholder (EYTTM) Design Your Own Template here.

Once your Frame design is complete we can even enhance it for you at no extra charge.

Prior to imaging, we will provide a design Proof to confirm your Frame is imaged just the way you want it...Risk-Free.

Discover more about the EYTTM License Plate Holder and Frame system here

Note to Volvo owners

Your mounting system is unique however we have the solution. Our 6 MM Standoff & Mounting Screw Kit lets you easily attach the Plate Holder to your Volvo license plate bracket. You can reserve a Kit here SKU 7000-001 only $2.99 (+ S&H).


  • Combines quality graphic print images at a price comparable to foreign made license plate holders and frames.
  • Comprised of a rustproof License Plate Holder and interchangeable Frame.

EYTTM Frames

  • Provide the LARGEST display area for personalized message 
  • Easy to mount and easy to change so you can display a different Frame whenever you want
  • Competitively priced  
  • Built to last
  • Made in the USA
  • Legal in all 50 states

EYTTM License Plate Holders & Frames

Made in the USA since 2012

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